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Scope of Services


  • Transmission Service - We service most foreign and domestic cars and trucks as well as motor homes. This includes changing the fluid, gasket, FILTER(S) and making any necessary adjustment (i.e. bands and linkage) as well as our 12 Point Diagnostic. Our 12 Point Diagnostics are ALWAYS FREE.
  • Transmission Rebuilding- Removal of transmission, evaluation and replacing any damaged parts. We are often able to save our customers money with a transmission rebuild.
  • Transmission Remanufactured- If your transmission is excessively damaged we can provide a remanufactured one. This means it has all new or remanufactured upgrades inside to meet current specifications. Essentially a new transmission.
  • Transfer case- Rebuilding and Remanufactured
  • Standard Transmissions- Rebuilding and Remanufactured
  • Custom Rebuilding- We can Beef up your transmission with Heavy Duty(HD) parts for those hard working vehicles
  • HD Cummins Transmission
  • HD Allison Transmission
  • We also have a full line of Heavy Duty and Super Duty Converts to compliment our HD transmissions.
  • FREE 12 Point Diagnostics:

Physical Aspects


     1. Fluid Level

     2. Fluid Color

     3. Smell of the Fluid

     4. Viscosity of the Fluid

     5. Check for Leaks

     6. Pan Drop and Inspection

     7. Check for Contaminants- Clutch Material, Metal


Performance Aspects


     8. Shifting Points

     9. Up and Down Shifts and Feel

     10. Converter Lock Up

     11. Over Drive Operations


Computer Test


     12. Diagnostic and Trouble Codes, Road test with diagnostic computer in place to check transmission operation.


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